Attachment Configuration in Maximo

Steps to be followed for the Attachment Configuration

1. Make the folder named 'doclinks' in D drive and then make 'attachments' folder in D:\doclinks\
2. Similarly, make folders named as 'images', 'diagrams', as per the requirements in doclink folder.
3. Open httpd.conf file.
   Path followed: D:\IBM\Websphere7\HTTPServer7\conf\httpd.conf
4. Made the below changes:

Search for “ServerRoot” and set as below if not set:
ServerRoot "D:/IBM/HTTPServer7"

Search for “# redirections work in a sensible way.” and in the ServerName provide the host name and port number as below:
Search for "# DocumentRoot: The directory out of which you will serve your document" and set the value: DocumentRoot "D:\doclinks” (the path where doclinks folder is)

Search for “# This should be changed to whatever you set DocumentRoot to." and set the value: <Directory "D:\doclinks">

5. Search for ServerName and note down the server name.
6. Login to Maximo and open System Properties.
   Path followed: Go To--> System Configuration--> Platform Configuration--> System Properties
7. Open the below properties and set their values accordingly:

Filter the 'mxe.doclink.doctypes.defpath' property and set Global value as D:\doclinks.

Filter the ' mxe.doclink.doctypes.topLevelPaths' property and set Global value as D:\doclinks.

Filter the ' mxe.doclink.path01' property and set Global value as
D:\doclinks= (This is the ServerName that was noted above). Select this property and click on Live Refresh.

8. Restart the HTTP and websphere services.
9. Again login to Maximo.
10. Open any application and the record in it.
11. From Select Action Menu, click on Attachment Library/Folders and select Manage Folders option.
12. Expand the attachment document folder and set Default File path as D:\doclinks\attachments.
Similarly, set the Default File path of other required document folder.

Note: attachments folder must be present at the defined path ( i.e. D:\doclinks\ ) in 'D:\doclinks\attachments'
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