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The Companies application maintains detailed information about vendors, manufacturers, and other companies.
Vendors can have parent companies or multiple vendor locations for a single company. Using reports, you can determine total year-to-date expenditures with a single organization, regardless of its location. Company information must be entered in the Companies application before other modules, such as Inventory and Purchasing, can access it.

Screen shot displaying Company
Fig 38.1 Screen shot displaying Company

Company might purchase products or services through a national vendor with local offices. You might have locations in different cities, each of which purchases from the local office of the vendor. MAXIMO allows you to create branch records for a vendor company and track purchasing either at the branch level, or with the vendor as a whole.
For example, each plant location might purchase office supplies at the local office of a national chain, and do their shipping with the local office of an international shipping company. By entering company branches in MAXIMO, you can track purchases for each plant location via its branch record, as well as the total purchases for all plant locations via the parent vendor record.

• You use the List tab to search the database for a specific record or group of records that meet your criteria. You use the filter fields located above the List table window to enter basic search criteria.

Create a company record:

1. Click New Company and enter a value.
2. If the company has a parent, in the Parent field, enter a value or click Detail Menu to select an option and retrieve a value. Adding a name to the Parent field associates the company with the parent.
3. You may enter a description in the Company Description field. Click Long Description if you need to add more information.
4. You have to enter the type of this company (courier, vendor, or manufacturer) in the Company Type field.
5. Enter the currency that the company uses in the Currency field. Enter a value or click Select Value.
6. You may enter additional information in the Purchasing Details, Payment Details, and E-Commerce Details sections.
7. Click Save Button.

To duplicate a company record:

1. In the Companies application, display the record you want to duplicate.
2. From the Select Action menu, select Duplicate Company.
3. In the Company field, enter an identifier.
4. Modify other fields as needed.
5. Click Save Button.

To delete a company record:

1. In the Companies application, display the record you want to delete.
2. From the Select Action menu, select Delete Company.
3. Click Yes to delete the record. Maximo deletes the company record.

• Use the Contacts tab to add, view, and modify information about the people you need to contact at the company. The Contacts table includes the main and remit to contacts from the Addresses tab.
• As you may work with different people in different departments, you can list relevant contacts, titles or and contact information (such as phone number, e-mail address, fax number). If a contact is a buyer, you can enter their procurement credit card number and expiration date.
• Use the Addresses tab to view and modify a company's general and Remit To contact information. Since the same company may have multiple locations, Maximo lets you designate a separate Remit To address and contact for billing purposes.
• The Addresses tab provides separate fields for City, State/Province, and Zip/Mail Code. You can use the information in these fields to query for companies. This may prove useful when you are deciding which company to order items from.
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