Modules of Maximo

The following table describe the modules that you typically will encounter in an EAM enviroment.

AdministrationThis module contain specifications that create data that is used through the system, including organizations, Sets, and Bulletins
AssetsThe Assets module contain applications designed to manage the assets and locations owned or leased by the client copy.
ConfigurationsThis modules contains a variety of applications that handle aspect such as configuring the database, administering cron tasks, modifications and setting up workflow processes and related records  
ContractsThe contracts module allows you to create a variety of different type of contracts.
Financials The Financial module allows administrators to set up currency codes, exchange rates, and the chart of Accounts that users access via the GL account Navigator
IntegrationThis modules bring together the applications needed to create data relationships with application that are out of the maximo
InventoryThe inventory module in maximo is designed to set up and track materials needed for maintenance  and their storage places
PlanningThe Planning module consists of applications used to plan work and create templates that can be copied to other Maximo Record
Preventive MaintenanceThe application in  the preventive Maintenance module can help you to plan and budget for regular maintenance work by creating time and meter-based PM records
PurchasingThe purchasing module contains applications that allow you to set up vendors and to work through the procurement process from the initial pr through receiving
ReportingThe Reporting module is used to create KPI records and to maintain the relationship between the Maximo record
ResourcesThe Recourses module is used to create Maximo records for workers ,both internal and external ,and other people whose names or IDs might be listed on Maximo record
SafetyThe Safety module tracks safety information, which can be supplied to workers after it is associated with work order, asset, location, and item records. This includes information that you might be required by law to provide to your workers
SecurityThis module allows system administrator to add users and to provide rights to those users with a high degree of granularity.
Self ServicesMaximo Provide variety of more basic applications to be used by general population for requisitioning and request service. These applications allows user to enter simple records and to view these records after entry.
Service DeskMaximo Service Desk applications are designed to confirm to information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards, but can support all asset types (facilities , fleet, information technology and production) and can be configure to meet a variety of needs.
Service ManagementMaximo provides two applications specifically designed for service level management service Catalog and service level agreements.
Work OrdersThis modules contains a variety of applications designed to create and support the management of work order from the initial entry of work into the system to planning, scheduling, and reporting actuals.
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