Candy Crush Game

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• Here we tried to create candy crush game using basic javascript with a twist, where we would ask you technology questions.
• Use mouse to swap the candies.
• To swap, click on first candy to swap and then click on the second candy.
• You can only swap adjacent candies.
• Candies will be swaped irrespective of any match found or not.
• We will only match 3,4 and 5 straight candies and cursh them.
• A QUESTION will pop-up when ever a 4 or 5 straight candies are busted.
• You will get 1 point for 3 candy bust, 2 points for 4 candy and 3 points for 5 candy busted.

Score : 0
Moves : 0
Target: 125 points in 50 Moves
Learning technology is not a challenge. You just need a correct approach. We worked hard to present you learning course in an interesting format. We have used Multiple choice questions with explaination for each and every question, where required. We also have timed test for each technology we have discussed. We support IE8+, Firefox and Chrome browsers.

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